Selection Criteria

Emphasis for selection is not placed on either collegiate or amateur events and is at the discretion of each committee member.

Hogan Award Selection Criteria

To be a candidate, the student-athlete’s coach must be a dues paying member in good standing with the GCAA:

1. Student-athlete must be academically in good standing at the nominating institution and progressing towards graduation based on NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA requirements.

2. Nominee’s competitive record will include all events (i.e. collegiate and amateur) that have taken place since the presentation of the last The Ben Hogan Award.

3. The committee is to consider all criteria that are pertinent to a candidate’s selection including:

a. Candidate’s tournament victories (college/amateur)

b. Candidate’s consistently high finishes (college/amateur)

c. Candidate’s strength of schedule (college/amateur)

d. Candidate’s won/loss record with other candidates (college/amateur)